Mini-mart mini essay 1

I work 30 hours a week at a place most people just stop to piss in. Or if their gas tank didn’t print their receipt they’ll come in to have me print it, saying “you should really get that fixed…” A lot of people come in and out to use the lottery machines, and come to me to cash out their $5 spoils. One morning I was walking to my 6:00 AM shift, and was stopped by a lady crossing the street. “Now look I’m not going to hurt you, I just need diapers for my baby with down syndrome, they’re $20.”

I said I couldn’t give her that much, but I handed her 2 dollar bills and walked off. 5 minutes after I’m starting on register, I see that very same lady stroll in. She makes eye contact with me, and deliberately asks help from another employee. I see them both walk over to the lottery machine! There goes my $2, not on diapers but down the hapless drain of big lotto. Well, what the heck- I hope she won big. That way she could buy enough diapers to get that kid pants-shitting into his 30s.